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Aref Chemical


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Aref Chemical Company started its activity in the field of wood adhesive in May 1989 with scientific and experimental support with the aim of creating employment and presence in domestic and international markets.

After several years and success in gaining the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers, the company developed its products and entered the market in construction paints under the Aref brand.

In the meantime, obtaining a production license from Golden Mermid Company of Spain in the mid-1980s and establishing a factory in Azerbaijan promised a great expansion for Aref Chemical Company. Unfortunately, sanctions against our proud country, Iran, caused many problems in the foreign trade sector and the management and control of production units established abroad.

Due to the change in market environment and the importance of dynamic, active and young manpower, along with the experience of veterans and managers with experience, which has always been one of the organizational values of Aref Chemical Company, in 2016 with changes in the board and managers, changes A foundation was laid in the company’s approach, and product development, active and effective communication with customers, regaining market share, and research and development were always on the agenda.

Now, we hope that by taking advantage of past experiences and using industry, knowledge and new thinking, we will again be able to serve customers and the people of Iran with quality products



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Mr.Mohammad Nopoush

Mr. Mohammad Nopoush

Mr.MohammadReza Nopoush

Mr. MohammadReza Nopoush

مهندس سیدحسام تولیتی

Mr. Hesam Toliati

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
دکتر مجتبی یزدی

Dr. Mojtaba Yazdi

CRO (Chief Research Officer)